Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Top Features of Dux Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Hot water usage is very common in every household work. Be it winters or summers, it is regularly used in every corner of the world. As its usage cannot be reduced, people go for very efficient means of hot water systems at their homes. This helps in saving crucial sum of money by cutting down heavy electricity bills.

Dux heat pump hot water systems is one such heating source that is highly preferred by many users in today’s world. It provides effective heating solutions by consuming heat energy from the environment and circulating it through the entire water tank. It functions in an environmentally friendly manner thereby ensuring nearly 50 to 60% water for daily household use.

Finest Dux Airo Heat Pumps
Efficient Dux Water Heater
The efficiency of Dux Airoheat depends upon its two parts. Firstly, it is the efficient production of heat using state of the art components. Secondly, it is the direct heat transfer inside the water without any heat losses.

There are many other features also which raises its demand amongst the users. So, let us have a look at few of the specifications.

• It uses inlet water technology that ensures increased hot water delivery without any wastage.

• Insulated heat tank improves the thermal efficiency by regulating the heat loss as in other heating systems.

• Reduced height and compact design enables its easy installations and less maintenance services.

• Hardwired electrical connections ensure more safety by reducing the chances of risks.

On comparing its features with other heating appliances, you will definitely make out whether it is good choice to make or not, for your home.

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